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PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System

Embark Upon The Journey Of A Lifestyle!

Designing a custom pool means creating the magical tranquility of your own backyard oasis...anything from the romance of water sparkling under a full moon, to family fun just outside your backdoor.


Investing in a pool also means improving your home and health, a beautiful way to welcome guests, ease stress and inspire inner peace. A pool makes any home more inviting and provides the security and privacy of your own resort.


To make that journey carefree, Paramount Pool & Spa Systems developed the PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System. PCC2000 keeps your pool healthy and clean with a patented virtually invisible automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each unique setting.


Features And Benefits



How It Works

  1. Rotating pop-up cleaning jets are placed in floors, walls, steps, benches and even spas to clean the entire pool. These cleaning jets work together to sweep debris toward the Patented Debris Collection Zone.
  2. The MDX-R3 safety drain continually collects large debris directed to it from the Patented Debris Collection Zone and delivers it to the optional Debris Containment Canister.
  3. The optional Debris Containment Canister works in conjunction with MDX-R3 drain. It holds large debris for easy deck side removal. Additional safety can be achieved with the optional MVFUSE magnetic vacuum release system (SVRS).
  4. The SDX VGB High Flow Safety Drain works together with the MDX-R3 to offer an additional layer of anti-entrapment protection. SDX also handles additional suction requirements.
  5. The patented SwingJet ratcheting wall returns, sequentially oscillate in a 90 degree cleaning arc enhancing the PCC2000’s cleaning and circulation.
  6. The PCC2000 automatic watervalve functions as the brain of the system and directs a powerful flow of water to each set of cleaning jets. the watervalve requires no routine maintenance, and is also 100% pressure safe.


PCC - Circulation Benefits