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When it comes to spending your free time there are more important things to do than tending to your swimming pool. Thanks to PV3, the automatic In-Floor pool cleaning and circulation system, your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax.


Built right into the pool shell PV3 is engineered to clean your entire pool, including floors, steps, benches, even spas. When not operating, PV3 disappears back into the pool floor, making it virtually invisible. There are no vacuum hoses left floating in the pool. All that’s left is a sparkling clean pool that’s ready to enjoy. PV3 is custom-designed for your unique pool shape. It is so effective that it will clean 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed, as well as significantly reduce heating and chemical costs for the life of your pool.


Features And Benefits


PV3’s Powerful Cleaning - How It Works

  1. Rotating cleaning pop-up jets are placed in floors, steps, benches and even spas to clean the entire pool. These jets work together to sweep debris to the pool’s main drain and skimmer area.
  2. The MDX-R3 safety drain continually collects large debris and delivers it to the optional Debris Containment Canister.
  3. The optional Debris Containment Canister works in conjunction with MDX-R3 drain. It holds large debris for easy deck side removal. Additional safety can be achieved with the optional MVFUSE Magnetic vacuum release system (SVRS).
  4. The **SDX high flow safety drain works together with the MDX-R3 to offer an additional layer of anti-entrapment protection. SDX also handles additional suction requirements.
  5. The optional patented Swing Jet ratcheting wall returns, sequentially oscillate in a 90 degree cleaning arc enhancing the PV3’s cleaning and circulation.
  6. The PV3 automatic Water valve functions as the brain of the system and directs a powerful flow of water to each set of cleaning nozzles. The Water valve requires no routine maintenance, and is also 100% pressure safe.


PV3’s Powerful Cleaning - Circulation Benefits